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Snowflake Special Excursion on the CTA
Sunday, March 24, 2013

CTA 2400's at Garfield
This Snowflake Special Excursion is a fundraiser to preserve a pair of 2200 and 2400 series cars, similar to those shown here. Photo by Dave Fullarton, CTA 2400's at Garfield.
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Join the members of the Illinois Railway Museum as they tour the Chicago Transit Authority's "L" lines. This year's Snowflake Special is planned to be, well, special! For IRM's 60th Annivarsary Year we've arranged an EIGHT-CAR TRAIN, with a pair of each of the DC propulsion cars left on CTA's system:

  • 2200 series, built by Budd in 1969-1970. Running on Blue and Pink Lines- many have already been scrapped.
  • 2400 series, built by Boeing in 1976-1978. Found on Green, Red, and Orange, and next to be replaced by 5000s.
  • 2600 series, built by Budd/Transit America in 1981-1987. Largest fleet of any type- they run on several lines.
  • 3200 series, built by Morrison-Knudsen in 1992-1994. First computerized cars, on Brown, Orange, and Yellow.
Specific equipment CANNOT be guaranteed and is subject to change by the CTA.

Last year, we sold out and had to turn patrons away. You are strongly advised to buy your tickets in advance.

To assemble this unique train, CTA needs to transfer some cars between lines. Rather than "deadhead" without passengers, we can use this opportunity to give you a choice in the length of your trip, boarding location, and fare:

  • From Forest Park on the Blue Line (Congress), we'll leave at about 8:00 am, and return you there at about 7:15 pm. The fare is $55.00.

  • From Midway on the Orange Line, we'll leave at about 9:15 am, and return you there at about 6:00 pm. The fare is $47.00.

    Parking is available for $5 at Midway and Forest Park. Riders may also board at Racine on the Blue Line at approximately 10:00 am. To board train at this alternate station, hold up ticket in plain view of motorman and excursion crew.

    Lunch: One hour will be given at lunch stops around the Loop. A restaurant list is provided to riders.

    All cars except the 2200 series are wheelchair-accessible; consult CTA for station accessibility.

    This Snowflake Special excursion is a fundraiser to preserve a pair of 2200- and 2400-series cars.

    Purchase tickets online now!

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