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New Management for Rail & Wire
From Rail & Wire Issue 68, June 1971

This is the "new management's" first issue of the Rail & Wire. The last issue brought a response from several members seeking to help with the writing and reporting work.

In addition to Dave Funk, Nick Kallas and John Woytash volunteered for editorial work. Because of his greater familiarity with all aspects of the museum, Nick has been chosen to head the group for the time being until a new editor is officially named by the board.

The Rail & Wire has been expanding in the last few years under Pete Schmidt's excellent guidance, and it is felt that the time is right to have more than one member responsible for gathering and writing news of expanding museum operations.

Similarly, it is felt that more than just a regular staff is needed to help collect news from the many departments. As a result, a system of department correspondents is being started. Our first is Dave Conrad, who will be reporting Steam Dept. activities. Other correspondents willing to keep track of happenings in various areas of museum operations month by month are needed and welcome.

Do you have a special museum interest? Why not help us tell all the members about it by telling us about it as a correspondent from that department?

The Rail & Wire is getting bigger, and we want it to be better as well. You have probably noticed that this issue is not the familiar mimeographed sheet that Rail & Wire has been for years. We have decided to print it by a simple offset duplicating process that we hope will be the first of a long series of improvements to its style and content. Style is largely up to us; content improvement is up to you. As museum activities expand, we need the help of additional members to report the news. Think about it. If you enjoy telling anyone about museum operations, you're a good candidate for a Rail & Wire reporter.

We hope members will feel free to tell us what they like or don't like about the newsletter. Maybe these axe special topics you would like us to write about? Let us know. For your convenience, we have set up a Rail & Wire box at the station. Members can get in touch with any of us by leaving a note in the box. We hope we'll hear from many of you. You'll be hearing more and more from us.

From the Rail & Wire Issue 68, June 1971

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