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New Acquisitions
From Rail & Wire Issue 68, June 1971

The museum's supply of storage space was greatly increased by the donation of eight freight cars from the General American Transportation Co. The new equipment includes three mechanical refrigeration cars, Swift Refrigerator Lines 25004, 25029, and 25041; General Faudler Corp. milk reefer 1021; Union Refrigerated Transport 26640 and insulated box car with a plug door; URTX 37241, a standard steel reefer bearing a Milwaukee Road emblem; 68229, a standard steel reefer with an American Beef Packers herald, and 75524, which bears the Mid-States Packing Co. insignia.

The milk car is one of the last existing milk reefers, Jim Johnson says. It contains two 4,000 gallon stainless steel tanks and will probably be used as an auxiliary water supply for steam locomotives. The other cars will be put to immediate use as storerooms except SRLX 25029, which is to become a metal working shop and repair center for steam loco parts.

Utilization of the cars will end outside storage of many of the museum's spare parts, including line equipment, seat cushions, air brake parts, and traction motors in particular. The museum is constantly acquiring hardware and storing it has been a problem. Some parts will be transferred from other in-car storage, freeing the merchandise dispatch car for service, for example.

Jim also reports acquisition of a road grader by the museum, courtesy of the McHenry County Highway Dept. Now equipped with new tires, the grader is an Adams model dating to somewhere in the 1920's, he believes. Originally built for horsedrawn use, the grader has an adjustable blade and can be powered by tractor. This fine addition to the museum has an adjustable blade and many features that most newer graders have. It should be of great assistance in keeping the parking lot and access roads in better condition. Mark Secco and Jerry Lynn helped put the grader in shape after it arrived at the museum with help from John Herkos.

From the Rail & Wire Issue 68, June 1971

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