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Always use good judgment in your appearance, as our visitors may base their opinions of the museum on the people they see working here.  First impressions count!

Train operating crews must wear uniforms or appropriate railroad-style clothing.  Other persons (including shop workers) should wear clothing appropriate to their tasks; that may include overalls, coveralls, work clothes, or jeans.  All clothing should be clean and in good repair.  Persons whose work involves handling materials or operating machinery or equipment must also wear proper protective footware, gloves, and safety glasses.

Clothing with slogans or logos (except railroad- or museum-related), excessively greasy or torn clothing, shorts, or other inappropriate attire should be avoided. Our volunteers are part of the historic "scene" at the museum, and should look like railroaders to our visitors.

Under no circumstances may volunteers wear clothing which might prove offensive to visitors or other members.  This includes shirts or jackets with racist, sexist, or obscene slogans or pictures, clothing advertising firearms, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages, or similar apparel.

All volunteers are encouraged to obtain an IRM name badge (contact the Bookstore for ordering information) and wear it at all times when the public is present. The name badge identifies you to our visitors as someone who can answer questions or provide assistance, and shows your pride in being a volunteer at the nation's largest railroad museum.

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