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Volunteers are entrusted with the operation of the museum and the safety of themselves and others, and must conduct themselves accordingly at all times.

Volunteers must be responsive to the directions of Department Superintendents and other administrators, and must treat each other and our visitors with respect and courtesy.  Any discourtesy to our visitors, failure to comply with safety or operating rules, refusal to cooperate with other volunteers, or inappropriate conduct may be cause for disciplinary action.

While on duty, volunteers must engage only in museum business, and must not allow themselves to become distracted from their duties in a manner which might create a safety hazard.  Participation in any unauthorized activity that may interfere with other volunteers' safe performance of duties is prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages and illicit drugs are absolutely prohibited on the premises at all times, including periods when the museum is closed to the public. Possession of or working under the influence of such substances is a very serious offense, and can be grounds for suspension or revocation of membership.  Operating personnel are additionally prohibited from the use of any drug, alcohol, intoxicant, or controlled substance during the eight hour period prior to reporting for duty.

Some prescription and non-prescription medications, as well as some medical conditions, can cause a lack of alertness, delayed response time, or alterations of mood or judgment.  If you are taking any medication or suffer from any condition with such possible side effects, carefully evaluate whether you can safely complete tasks involving machinery or other potentially hazardous operations.  If there is any doubt, consult your physician before beginning work.

Firearms and ammunition (except those in the possession of on-duty law enforcement officers), as well as fireworks and explosives, are also prohibited on museum premises.

Smoking is prohibited in stations, car barns, libraries, passenger cars, and in shop areas where an ignition source may present an undue hazard.  Smoking is also prohibited at meetings of the Board or the membership.

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