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IRM is an Illinois not for profit educational corporation.  We are qualified as a tax-exempt charitable organization under Internal Revenue Service regulations.

A seven-member Board of Directors controls the overall operation of the museum.  The Board is elected by the regular (voting) members of the museum.  The Board selects the museum's President and Vice Presidents from its members.  The Board also appoints the corporation's officers, Executive Director, and General Manager.  Board meetings, open to all members, are held monthly at the Pullman Library in Union.

The Executive Director reports to the Board and assists in publicity, fund-raising, donations, special events, and other promotional and operational areas as directed.  The General Manager directs the public operations of the museum.  The General Manager also appoints Department Superintendents (curators) and other personnel who are responsible for specific equipment or functions.  These administrators should be your primary contact if you need assistance with any question or problem.  If they cannot resolve your problem, please speak to a Board member.

The equipment departments include Steam, Internal Combustion (Diesel), Electric Car, Freight Car, Railroad Coach, Trolley Bus, and Motor Bus, each with its own Superintendent. Railroad operations are under the direction of the Operating department, which works with the Track & Signal and DC Line departments and the equipment departments. Administrative departments include Publicity, Exhibits, Group Sales/Charters, Development, Buildings & Grounds, Bookstore, Museum Store, and the Pullman and Strahorn Libraries.

All departments rely almost exclusively on volunteers.  The museum employs only the Executive Director, Cashier/Membership Secretary, Building & Grounds Superintendent, and seasonal assistants and sales personnel.

The museum obtains its funding from visitor admissions, sales of goods and refreshments, and donations.  Aside from some small grants for publicity or improvements, we do not receive State or Federal tax dollars.  While various railroads have been very generous in donating equipment, services, materials, and transportation, we receive no direct funding from the railroad industry.

Virtually everything that you see at IRM has been created by volunteers working within very limited budgets.  Each March, the Board establishes a budget for all departments and operations for the next twelve months.  Department Superintendents and administrative staff are responsible for staying within their budgets.

All purchases for or on behalf of the museum must be authorized by a Department Superintendent or administrator; purchases in amounts over $500 require a written purchase order.  In some limited circumstances, volunteers may receive reimbursement for authorized minor out-of-pocket expenditures.  Please discuss any such expenditures with the appropriate Department Superintendent or administrator beforehand.

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