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SAFETY FIRST!   FOLLOW THE SAFEST COURSE AT ALL TIMES!  If you have any doubts about how to safely perform a job or use any equipment, please ask for assistance before proceeding.

Safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed boots are required when working around any machinery or moving equipment.  Use hearing protection and proper dust masks or respirators when appropriate.  Additional personal protective equipment may be required for some tasks, such as welding.

Use all available safety guards and shields, and follow all posted precautionary rules. Review approved safety procedures, material safety data sheets, and label instructions.  Discuss your work plan with your co-workers.

Be aware of the specific hazards of any rolling stock or equipment in use, such as steam or compressed air lines, electrical cables, or moving components.  Learn the location of the nearest fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency exits for each of your work areas.  Keep your work area clean and free of debris and tripping hazards, and safely dispose of all refuse and scrap.

Any work in public areas of car barns which might cause debris, dust, or other potential hazards, or which might result in blockage of the aisles or other inconvenience to visitors, is prohibited without special authorization from the Board.  If necessary for the safety of visitors, rope off or barricade any authorized work or storage areas which might otherwise present a hazard.

As you move around the property, please set an example for our visitors.  Remember to stop, look, and listen before crossing a track, because trains may move at any time on any track. Do not step or walk on rails, which may be slippery.  Keep watch for and remove any debris or tripping hazards along the tracks and in other public areas.

Never climb on or under any equipment outside of shop areas without proper protection such as a "blue flag." Never remove a "blue flag" or warning tag which you did not place, as you may put other volunteers in great danger.  Except as your duties require, stay off equipment steps, ladders, and platforms.  All personnel are prohibited from occupying the roofwalks or footboards of any equipment without proper authority.

Except as directed, do not touch power switches, trolley poles, or objects in contact with the overhead 600 volt line without appropriate safety precautions.  Contact with the overhead line can be fatal. Never energize any electric circuit which has been tagged as out of service.

If you observe a potentially dangerous condition on a train or one that is likely to affect its operation, immediately advise the operating personnel (flagging them to a stop if necessary) and the Dispatcher on duty.

All injuries to visitors (even if minor) must be reported immediately to the nearest administrator or the Dispatcher on duty, who will contact the appropriate emergency response units if necessary.  Injuries to volunteers requiring medical treatment must also be reported.  In either instance, a written injury report is required. The appropriate form may be obtained from the office.

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