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It takes a lot of work, time, energy, elbow grease, dedication, and determination to keep our Museum in Motion. We've assembled these photo essays, to share with you some of these activities. [Please be patient while the graphics load; we hope you'll find their detail worth any delay.]

The Board of Directors of the Illinois Railway Museum meets monthly, typically on the second Saturday evening at the Museum's Pullman Library in Union, Illinois. These meetings typically last several hours. Topics on the agenda span the broad spectrum of museum activities, including management and operations of the Museum, budgets and priorities, as well as acquisitions and occasional dispositions of equipment. They include reports and presentations, discussions, occasional controversies, the important and the mundane.

These meetings are open to Museum members, and typically a number of working members attend each meeting. Some attend to make presentations and proposals and reports; most to communicate and coordinate activities and projects, during the breaks and after the meeting. If you are interesting in attending, you can check with any of the Board Members to verify the time and place of the next meeting.

A member of our IRM Photo Team took these candid photos during the Board meeting of January 10, 1998. One IRM Board Member, Harold Krewer, who is also Superintendent of Operations, was unable to attend that meeting.

(left to right) Dave Diamond, Jim Johnson, Kevin McCabe, Jim Nauer (with back to camera), Bob McCutchen, Nick Kallas, and John Howell. A working member, modeling an origional IRM Birth of a Legend, C&NW 1518 sweatshirt, makes some notes in the forground.

IRM President Kevin McCabe, an active member of the Steam Department, presiding over the meeting.

IRM Board Members Dave Diamond, Superintendent of the Building and Grounds Department comments on a proposal(left), while 1st Vice President Jim Johnson, Superintendent of the Track and Signal Department (right), modeling a traditional Track Hero sweatshirt, listens intently.

General Manager Nick Kallas (center) and IRM Board Members Bob McCutchen an active member of the Steam Department (left), and 2nd Vice President John Howell (2nd Vice President), an active member of the Diesel Department, and as well as Trainmaster and Take the Throttle program coordinator in the Operating Department(right).

(left to right) IRM Board Members Dave Diamond, Jim Johnson, Kevin McCabe, Jim Nauer, Assistant Superintendant of Operations and Manager of Weekend Operations (with back to camera), and Bob McCutchen review a report.

Photographs by our IRM Photo Team, using a Sony MVC-FD7 Mavica digital camera, text by Harold A. Driscoll.

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