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It takes a lot of work, time, energy, elbow grease, dedication, and determination to keep our Museum in Motion. We've assembled these photo essays, to share with you some of these activities. [Please be patient while the graphics load; we hope you'll find their detail worth any delay.]

While operation of our demonstration railroad shuts down for the Winter months, work continues throughout the year within the shops and throughout the property. Weather sayers credit the El Niņo for some delightfully mild weekends this year, and many of our volunteers put these days to productive use. Our IRM Photo Team shares with you a few of the many projects underway on a Saturday in February.

Greg Stepanek (left) and Peter Vesic at work in the Car Shop, restoring a pair of doors to CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) 6461 of our rapid transit car collection.

Mike Stauber (left) and Frank Sirinek trim wood in the Car Shop, for restoration work on C&WT (Chicago and West Towns) 141.

Richard Block (standing) and Robert Heinlein (foreground) check their work in an electrical cabinet of the CTA 4290 rapid transit car. They are restoring the motorman's heat and headlight of the #2 end of the car to the original 600 volt circuit, which was removed during the operating period of the car (about 1949). Tim Peters (background) makes a repair to the floor of CTA 4290.

Richard Block and Robert Heinlein installing a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach location for visitor safety, while Tim Peters makes repairs to the wood floor of the car, CTA 4290.

Restoration work continues on CTA 6125 in Barn 6. Jay Affleck puts a little more light on the subject, as Fred Talbot continues his restoration work, with Scott Grieg (right) lending a hand. A leaking fire extinguisher, combined with the effects of years of service, had eroded a large hole in the lower side panel outside the operator's cab. In past months the damaged panels have been removed, along with the damaged angle brackets. Fred in now preparing to weld the replacement side sill which will support the outside body panels.

Brian Davies and Ralph Hubber at work in the Steam Shop, lapping part of the steam throttle for UP (Union Pacific) 428 (2-8-0).

Jim Opolony (left) and Ed Beard are preparing to install a replacement set of steps on the freshly-painted caboose C&NW (Chicago and North Western) 10304.

It takes a lot of work to keep the Museum grounds tidy and inviting to our many visitors. A mild Saturday afternoon, a week later, offers a fine day for brush triming near the S-curve of the trolley loop.

Photographs by our IRM Photo Team, using a Sony MVC-FD7 Mavica digital camera, text by Harold A. Driscoll.

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