Heavyweight Train

Climb aboard the "heavyweight train" at IRM and find yourself transported back to the golden days of rail travel. Experience luxury travel aboard long-distance Pullman cars renowned for their opulence and comfort. Relax in an armchair in the lounge car or enjoy the plush seating in a sleeping car. Check out the view from the open rear platform of the observation car at the back of the train. Imagine yourself aboard one of the famous trains of yesteryear like the Aristocrat, the Pan-American, or the 20th Century Limited.

The "heavyweight train" got its name from the large size and substantial all-steel construction of its Pullman cars. There is no extra fare to ride, but the train runs only a few days a year during special events. You may find either a steam engine - usually Frisco 1630, built in 1918 - or an historic diesel locomotive pulling the train. The cars in the train are a mixture of different types of long-distance passenger car. The train may include a railway post office (RPO) car and coaches or combines from our coach train consist as well.

Cars in the heavyweight train often include between two and four of the following:

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