• Modern Railroad Exhibit

    Model Railroad Exhibit

    The Model Railroad Exhibit and Hobby Shop features three operating model railroad layouts and one under construction. The exhibit is located in the Multi-Purpose Building…

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  • Freight Train Exhibit at IRM - interior of refrigerated boxcar, or reefer

    Freight Train Exhibit

    From the earliest days of railroading right up to the present, the movement of freight has been a primary role of railroads. Two of the…

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  • Post Office Gallery

    Post Office Gallery

    Main Streets across American almost always featured a post office, not only for sending mail but for for disseminating interesting information about the town and…

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  • Milwaukee Road Museum

    Milwaukee Road Museum

    The Milwaukee Road Museum and Archives is operated by the Milwaukee Road Historical Association. Open only on certain Saturdays during the summer, it celebrates and…

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  • Railroad china in Yard 5 Exhibit Cars at IRM

    Yard 5 Exhibit Cars

    In our exhibit cars in Yard 5, you'll find rotating exhibits focusing on specific oft-overlooked areas of railroad history. In addition to some long-time exhibits,…

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  • Barn 3

    Barn 3

    Barn 3 is one of our train exhibit buildings, or barns. In Barn 3 you'll find restored Pullman sleeping cars, elegant private cars, dining cars,…

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  • CA&E 431 in Barn 6 Exhibit Building at IRM

    Barn 6

    Barn 6 is one of our train exhibit buildings, or barns. In Barn 6 you'll find interurban cars, freight equipment, and maintenance equipment from electric…

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  • Barn 7

    Barn 7

    Barn 7 is one of our train exhibit buildings, or barns. In our Barn 7 exhibit building you can tour the history of street railways…

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  • Chicago Transit Authority 2153 and 2154 at IRM

    Barn 8

    Barn 8 is one of our train exhibit buildings, or barns. In Barn 8 you'll find restored 'L' cars from the Chicago rapid transit system,…

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  • CB&Q 3007

    Barn 9

    Barn 9 is one of our train exhibit buildings, or barns. In Barn 9 you'll find the true giants of the rails: huge steam engines…

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  • Hoffman Bus Garage

    Hoffman Bus Garage

    The Hoffman Bus Garage, home to many of our preserved buses and trolley buses, is one of our equipment exhibit buildings. The Illinois Railway Museum's…

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  • Signal Display at IRM - railroad signals

    Signal Display

    The Signal Display at the Illinois Railway Museum, located along the north side of Barn 4, includes a wide variety of railroad signals. Signals on…

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  • Signs and Entablatures

    Signs and Entablatures

    Spread out around the museum grounds you'll find more than a dozen restored signs, entablatures, and stonework salvaged from railroads and railroad stations. Numerous lit…

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