from Cicero, IL 50th Avenue Station
from Cicero, IL
50th Avenue Station
Description:1910 rapid transit station

Equipment Information

This rapid transit station was built in 1910 by the Metropolitan-West Side Elevated Railroad and was originally located where its Douglas Park branch crossed 50th Avenue in suburban Cicero, IL. As with many elevated lines in Chicago, the outer end of this branch ran at ground level, and stations like this were used by riders to board the ‘L’ cars. The station was staffed by a ticket agent who would sell or accept tickets for access to the platform. In 1978 the station was closed by the Chicago Transit Authority as redundant (nearby stops at Cicero Avenue and 54th Avenues remain in use to this day) and the station house, along with a portion of the original platform, was acquired by IRM and moved to Union. In the early 1980s it was placed at its current location. It is used regularly on busy days and during special events.

Year Built: 1910
Arrived: 1978
Condition: Complete / restored / in use

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