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AC&F 1916 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 204738
AC&F 1916
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 204738
Description:Scale Test Car

Equipment Information

Burlington 204738 is a unique piece of equipment known as a scale test car. Railroad car scales were used extensively to weight how much of a bulk commodity was being carried and all freight cars in interchange service had their empty weight stenciled on the side of the car to help with calculating this. Cars like 204738 had their weight precisely calibrated and were then used to calibrate railroad car scales at different locations.

Builder: American Car & Foundry
Year Built: 1916
Length: 17ft 3in
Width: 8ft
Height: 7ft 8in
Weight: 25800 lbs
Brakes: KC
Trucks: 4 Wheel Pedestal
Description: Scale Test Car / Test Wt 65000
Arrived: 1996
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / not operational

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