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Alco/GE 1911 Commonwealth Edison 4
Alco/GE 1911
Commonwealth Edison 4
Description:Steeplecab freight locomotive

Equipment Information

Commonwealth Edison 4 is a “steeplecab” electric locomotive. It is the oldest preserved electric locomotive with articulated trucks, a design where the truck frames are connected together and carry all buffering forces. It hauled coal trains around the Northwest Generating Station in Chicago for 50 years until acquired by IRM in 1962.

Builder: Alco/GE
Year Built: 1911
Length: 31ft 7in
Width: 10ft 1in
Height: 12ft 8in
Weight: 120000 lbs
Brakes: GE-NY LT
Motors: 4 GE 207C
Control: M-C82A
Compressor: 2 CP-28
Trucks: Alco Artic
Description: Double End / Double Truck / Steeple Cab
Arrived: 1962
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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Ownership History
1911-1962 – Commonwealth Edison
1962-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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