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Steam Engines

Baldwin 1922 Commonwealth Edison 5
Baldwin 1922
Commonwealth Edison 5
Description:0-6-0 Switcher

Equipment Information

Commonwealth Edison 5 is a heavy switcher built to haul trains of coal cars at low speed around power plants. It operated at IRM during the 1970s but its short wheelbase and heavy weight made it punishing on the museum’s tracks and it was retired.

Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Year Built: 1922
Builder Number: 55626
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Length: 58ft
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 14ft 8in
Weight: 160000 lbs
Brakes: 6ET
Tractive Effort: 37200 lbs
Cylinders: 22×26
Boiler Pressure: 160 psi
Drivers: 46in
Description: Switcher
Arrived: 1972
Condition: Complete / restored / not operational