from Salem, OH Central Diner
from Salem, OH
Central Diner
Description:1934 O'Mahony roadside diner

Equipment Information

The Central Diner, as it is known as IRM, is a roadside diner built in 1934 by the Jerry O’Mahony Company of Elizabeth, NJ. It was never a railroad car, but was built to imitate the appearance of a railroad coach. It was also designed to be picked up and moved to a new location without damaging the structure. It was located in Salem, Ohio, at the corner of Water and Bowery Streets and was known originally as the Salem DeLuxe Diner (later renamed Joe’s Diner). In 1986 it closed and the diner was purchased by the Akron Historical Society. IRM purchased the diner in 1994 and moved it to Union. In 2002 it was installed at its current site at Central Avenue and Depot Street, with a large annex constructed adjacent to it for food service.

Year Built: 1934
Arrived: 1994
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / on display

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