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Pullman Chicago & Illinois Midland X117
Chicago & Illinois Midland X117
Description:Camp Car

Equipment Information

C&IM X117 is a railroad “camp car,” a car used as a rolling bunkhouse for maintenance-of-way workers. Camp cars were typically moved to a siding near a work site and parked there until the job was done, providing workers with nearby accommodation. Car X117 was originally constructed as a passenger coach for the Banner Blue, a train operated by the Wabash Railroad between Chicago and St. Louis.

COMPARE ME WITH: DM&IR 84, a steel passenger coach which was never converted for use as a camp car. Car 84 shows about what C&IM X117 would have looked like when it was in passenger service on the Wabash.

Builder: Pullman/Pullman-Standard
Year Built: ???
Length: 81ft 6in
Width: 10ft 7in
Height: 14ft
Weight: ??? lbs
Brakes: UC
Trucks: 6 Wheel
Description: Camp Car X117
Arrived: ????
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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