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CTA 1953 Chicago Transit Authority S309
CTA 1953
Chicago Transit Authority S309
Description:Double-truck flat car

Equipment Information

Chicago Transit Authority S309 is a flat car used for maintenance duties on the Chicago elevated system. It was rebuilt in 1953 from Chicago Surface Lines W223, a self-propelled utility car used on the Chicago street railway system.

COMPARE ME WITH: Chicago Surface Lines X4, a self-propelled derrick. When S309 was still utility car W223 it was very similar to car X4 with the exception that it lacked a derrick, or crane.

Chicago Transit Authority S309 Details

Builder: Chicago Transit Authority
Year Built: 1953
Length: 36ft
Width: 8ft 9in
Height: 4ft 2in
Weight: 40000 lbs
Brakes: ATR
Trucks: Baldwin MCB
Description: Double Truck Flat Car
Arrived: 1994
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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CTA S309 Ownership History

1907-1914 – Chicago City Railway #C30
1914-1947 – Chicago Surface Lines #W223
1947-1953 – Chicago Transit Authority #W223
1953-1994 – Chicago Transit Authority #S309
1994-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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