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Kuhlman 1924 Lake Shore Electric 810
Kuhlman 1924
Lake Shore Electric 810
Description:Double-truck wood freight trailer

Equipment Information

Lake Shore Electric 810 is an interurban freight trailer that was designed as a specialized boxcar, capable of accommodating the tight turns and close clearances common on electric railways. It originally was used on the Michigan Railway system in southern Michigan but in 1929 was sold to the LSE, which used it between Cleveland, Toledo, and Detroit. It was acquired as a shell after being used as a hog shed but today is the only fully restored interurban freight trailer in the country.

Builder: Kuhlman Car Company
Year Built: 1924
Length: 50ft 4in
Width: 8ft 4in
Height: ??
Weight: 39000 lbs
Brakes: HC1012
Trucks: Arch Bar
Description: Double Truck / Box Trailer
Arrived: 1984
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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Ownership History
1924-1929 – Michigan Electric #1630
1929-1938 – Lake Shore Electric #810
1938-1984 – Privately owned (shed)
1984-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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