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Manufacturer Catalogs

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Collection: Manufacturer Catalogs
Location: Pullman Library
Description: Catalogs from Adams & Westlake, Adlake, Bates Steel Floor Grating, Cleveland Track Material, DELCO Light & Accessories, Differential (Dump) Car Co., ERICO Electric Connectors, EXIDE Batteries, Federal Railway Signal, GD Peters Rolling Stock, General Electric (signals, accessories, lights, railway), General Railway Signals, General Signals, Graybar General, Griswold Safety Signal Col., Hubbard & Co. (pole line), Imperial Arc Headlights, Johnson Co., L.B. Foster, Locke Insulator Co., Lorain Steel Co., McKeen Motor Car Co., Midwest Steel Corp., Ohio Brass, Pennsylvania RR Renewal Parts, Pettibone Trackworks, Pullman Co., Racine Rail Products, Rodger (Hart) Ballast Cars, Safetran Systems, Seattle Car & Foundry, Simpson Instrument, Square D Co., SupplyCo Brake Beam, Union Switch & Signal, WABCO, Weir Kilby Corp., Westinghouse (brake), Westinghouse (electric railway), Western Railway Supply, Willamette Valley Co. (Spikefast), Young Tool & Material Co., and more
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