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Milwaukee Road 1929 Milwaukee Road X5000
Milwaukee Road 1929
Milwaukee Road X5000
Description:Dynamometer Car

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Road X5000 is a dynamometer car which was used to measure locomotive performance in real-world conditions. It is fitted with test equipment for recording the power, speed, and other information about the locomotive pulling it. It also has a kitchen and bunks for the equipment operators, who would travel around the railroad with the dynamometer car.

Builder: Milwaukee Road
Year Built: 1929
Length: 73ft 10in
Width: 11ft 5in
Height: 10ft 5in
Weight: 160000 lbs
Brakes: D22 Disc
Trucks: Nystrom 4 Wheel
Description: Dynamometer Car
Arrived: 1992
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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