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Pullman Manufacturing Records

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Collection Name: Pullman Manufacturing Drawings
Location: Pullman Library
Description: Brochures; Carbuilder magazines; color and design sketches, drawings; documentation – private cars; export production; facility maps, photographs; freight car contract books, correspondence files, drawings, drawing index, glass plate negatives, lot lists; historical photos; marketing ad copies, films, photographs; military armored vehicle photos, hospital train, railway gun carriages, troop sleepers; passenger car documentation, drawings, drawing index, drawing lists, film negatives, glass plate negatives, lot lists, photographs, specifications; power car drawings and images; passenger car film negatives (O’Barski Collection); motor truck drawings; research and development documents, drawings, renderings; steam locomotive tenders, parts; trolley, bus and transit car drawings, car lot lists, car negatives.
Size: 1,000,000+ drawings
Percent Digitized: 5%

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