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Alco 1918 Southern Pacific 975
Alco 1918
Southern Pacific 975
Description:2-10-2 Santa Fe

Equipment Information

Southern Pacific 975 is a heavy freight engine and one of only five American 2-10-2 engines preserved intact. This wheel arrangement was popular around World War I but was later supplanted by 2-8-4 and 2-10-4 engines that were faster and more powerful. While 2-10-2s were called “Santa Fe” types, the SP – a rival to the Santa Fe Railroad – called its 2-10-2s “Decks” despite the fact that “Decapod” typically refers to a 2-10-0. SP 975 was owned by the Texas & New Orleans, an SP subsidiary. After retirement, SP 975 was displayed in Beaumont, Texas for several decades until IRM acquired it to prevent the engine from being scrapped.

Southern Pacific 975 Details

Builder: American Locomotive Company
Year Built: 1918
Builder Number: 57978
Wheel Arrangement: 2-10-2
Length: 94ft 10in
Width: 10ft 5in
Height: 15ft 8in
Weight: 397500 lbs
Brakes: 6ET
Tractive Effort: 63300
Cylinders: 27.5×32
Boiler Pressure: 200 psi
Drivers: 64in
Description: Class F-1
Arrived: 1995
Condition: Complete / cosmetically restored / not operational

Southern Pacific 975 Ownership History

1918-1954 – Southern Pacific (Texas & New Orleans) #975
1954-1995 – City of Beaumont, TX
1995-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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