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TMER&L 1926 Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light 12
TMER&L 1926
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light 12
Description:Double-truck portable substation

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Electric 12 is a portable substation constructed in that interurban line’s Cold Spring Shops. Electric railways used substations to step down commercial high-voltage alternating current (AC) to the 600-volt direct current (DC) transmitted via the trolley wire. Portable substations like number 12 could be used when a fixed substation failed or was down for maintenance.

Builder: TMER&L
Year Built: 1926
Length: 29ft
Width: 9ft 1in
Height: 12ft 1in
Weight: 55440 lbs
Brakes: Hand
Compressor: DH-10
Trucks: TMER&L M35AB
Description: Double Truck / Portable Substation
Arrived: 1986
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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