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Differential 1921 Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light F208
Differential 1921
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light F208
Description:Double-truck side dump trailer

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Electric F208 is a side dump trailer built for hauling gravel and other aggregate. It was designed to be hauled behind a motorized dump car and was used on the Wisconsin interurban system and the Milwaukee streetcar network in road and railway construction projects. Later in its life a cab and motors were added to make it into a self-propelled car, or dump motor.

COMPARE ME WITH: Milwaukee Electric D13, a motorized side dump car (or “dump motor”) that likely hauled F208 during many a construction project.

Builder: Differential Car Company
Year Built: 1921
Length: 40ft 6in
Width: 8ft 7in
Height: 8ft
Weight: 41000 lbs
Brakes: HC1012
Trucks: TMER&L
Description: Single Truck / Side Dump Trailer
Arrived: 1988
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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