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TMER&L 1931 Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light M37
TMER&L 1931
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light M37
Description:Double-truck steel container car

Equipment Information

Milwaukee Electric M37 is the only surviving enclosed container car in the country. It was built to transport modular shipping containers and is the progenitor of the thousands of container flat cars seen on railroads today. It was retired in the 1940s before being used for a time as a firefighting car. It was acquired by IRM from another museum in 1989.

Builder: TMER&L
Year Built: 1931
Length: 51ft 4in
Width: 8ft 10in
Height: 11ft 10in
Weight: 50000 lbs
Brakes: HC1012
Trucks: StL 23AE
Description: Double Truck / Container Car
Arrived: 1986
Condition: Complete / cosmetically restored / operational

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