Railroad Work Equipment

Pettibone 1985 Union Pacific 8852002
Pettibone 1985
Union Pacific 8852002
Description:Car Mover, Model 300CM

Equipment Information

This piece of equipment, identified only by its Union Pacific valuation number, 8852002, is a “car mover.” It is a type of equipment designed for moving small numbers of freight cars at low speed around a yard, and is fitted with both railroad wheels and rubber tires so that it can leave the railroad track and drive itself to other locations in the yard. This example is a model 300CM, serial number 191C, built by Pettibone around 1985 at the company’s plant in Chicago. This unit’s last assignment was the railroad yard in Rochelle, Illinois.

Builder: Pettibone
Year Built: 1985
Length: 24ft 5in
Width: 9ft 5in
Height: 9ft 5in
Weight: 48000 lbs
Engine: Detroit 4-53
Trucks: Hydraulic Hi-Rail 0-4-0
Description: Car Mover / Model 300CM
Arrived: 2023
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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