August 10th Cab Rides


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The Illinois Railway Museum is offering the opportunity to ride in the cab of one of our historic diesel locomotives during a full trip 10-mile round trip over our railroad. During the 2019 Diesel Days event, you can sit in the cab with the engineer for the cost of just $40 per ride. You will be able to get an engineer’s-eye-view of train operations on one of the busiest museum railroads in the country including a close look at the operation of our Automatic Block Signal system. You’ll see how the controls of some of our most powerful locomotives work, observe the engineer up close, and feel the locomotive as it accelerates. There’s no better way to get the full experience of Diesel Days than to be inside the engine!

Only two cab ride tickets will be sold for each main line trip. You will be able to pick which locomotive you’d like to ride in and, depending on trip times, perhaps which train you’ll have following you. Just make sure to sign up early – many trips will sell out quickly. Cab rides will last approximately 30-45 minutes. For a full list of trips available, please see the Diesel Days operating schedule by clicking here or go to the purchase tickets link below.

You MUST bring your Cab Ride ticket to the Schroeder Store at the museum entrance to fill out a waiver form and have your ticket validated before your trip. You will not be permitted aboard the engine without a VALIDATED ticket. We recommend arriving at the museum at least one hour before your trip time. Please make sure you arrive at the East Union Depot at least 10-15 minutes before your trip. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must bring a state- or federal-issued ID with them to the platform.

Equipment may be substituted at any time for mechanical or other reasons. Cab Ride tickets may not be transferred or canceled. All sales are final. You must have an event admission ticket or museum membership in order to have your ticket validated.

Cab Rides Saturday:

10:30 AM – CBQ 9255
10:45 AM – CBQ 9911A, SLRG 102, BN3
11:20 AM – ATSF 92
11:35 AM – WC 7525
11:55 AM – CBQ 504
12:30 PM – CBQ 9911A, SLRG 102, BN3
12:45 PM – CNW 6847
1:05 PM – ATSF 92, WC 7525
1:40 PM – CBQ 504
1:55 PM – IT 1605
2:15 PM – CRIP 4506
2:50 PM – CBQ 9911A
3:05 PM – CRIP 4506, IT 1605
3:25 PM – ATSF 92, CNW 6847, WC 7525, CBQ 504
4:00 PM – CBQ 9911A
4:15 PM – SP 1518
4:35 PM – CRIP 4506, IT 1605, CNW 411, METX 308
5:10 PM – CBQ 9911A
5:25 PM – CE 15

Additional information

Cab Ride Time Sat/Sun

1:05 PM, 1:20 PM, 1:40 PM, 1:55 PM, 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM, 11:00 AM, 11:20 AM, 11:35 AM, 11:55 AM, 12:10 PM, 12:30 PM, 12:45 PM, 2:15 PM, 2:30 PM, 2:50 PM, 3:05 PM, 3:25 PM, 3:40 PM, 4:00 PM, 4:15 PM, 4:35 PM, 4:50 PM, 5:10 PM, 5:25 PM