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Ex-TP&W Alco C424 acquired

The Illinois Railway Museum is proud to announce that it is the owner of Morristown & Erie C424 18, former Toledo Peoria & Western 800. This is the museum’s first Alco-built Century locomotive, filling a big gap in the museum’s unrivaled collection of historic diesels. On Friday April 27th, Chuck Jensen (L), Vice President & Chief Operating Offer of the M&E, handed over the paperwork for the engine to Jamie Kolanowski, IRM Internal Combustion Department Curator.

This locomotive was built by September 1964 by Alco for the TP&W as that railroad’s first Alco “Century” series locomotive. Along with identical locomotive number 801, TP&W 800 powered freight trains in daily service for nearly twenty years, until it was sold in 1983 to the M&E in New Jersey. Since that time it has stayed in active use and remains fully operational.

This is the second TP&W diesel in IRM’s collection. Number 800 joins TP&W 400, an older RS-11 type locomotive built by Alco in 1958, representing the “Tip-Up” at Union.

There’s still a pressing need to raise funds to transport this locomotive to IRM and fund track storage. Please see for more information and to check out some of the great gifts that are available to donors.