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Milestone reached for TP&W 800

IRM is pleased to announce that it has achieved its initial fundraising goal for Toledo Peoria & Western 800, the Alco C424 locomotive acquired in 2018 from the Morristown & Erie Railroad. This initial goal, to raise $60,000 to fund the purchase of the locomotive and transportation to Union, was accomplished largely through donations made by museum members and supporters. IRM gratefully acknowledges the generosity of everyone who donated towards the acquisition and preservation of this historic locomotive. As part of the initial fundraising campaign to Save the 800, a series of donor “thank you” gifts were offered and these will be sent out to campaign donors shortly.

With the completion of initial fundraising for TP&W 800, the locomotive’s future at IRM has been secured. However more work remains to be done: the museum intends to put the locomotive into long-term protective indoor storage and also intends to repaint it in TP&W colors. To this end, a new fundraising campaign for TP&W 800 is now being inaugurated. The goal of this campaign is to raise the $23,000 needed to fund indoor storage for the locomotive ($14,000) and to repaint it in T&PW colors ($9,000). For more information on how you can help return this engine to its TP&W appearance, please see www.irm.org/tpw800