The Museum is open Sundays in April.

Statement issued by the Illinois Railway Museum 3/14/2020

Due to the rapid progression of the Corona Virus public health crisis in the State of Illinois and the Chicago Area, the Illinois Railway Museum will immediately undertake the following protective measures:

  1. The Bunny Trolley Hop event scheduled for April 4-5-11, 2020, centered around the Easter Holiday, will be cancelled in its entirety. Any revenue generated by advance ticket sales for this event will be refunded to the original ticket purchasers as soon as possible.  (The refund process is detailed on the Bunny Trolley Hop page)
  2. In order to protect our volunteers, essential employees, and visitors from the risk of contracting the Corona Virus, the opening of the IRM campus to visitors and the start of the 2020 operating season will be postponed. Opening day, originally scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2020, will be postponed until further notice.

The museum will continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly.