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Baldwin-Westinghouse 1930 Armco B71
Baldwin-Westinghouse 1930
Armco B71
Description:Diesel-Electric Visibility cab

Equipment Information

Armco B-71 is a very early example of a diesel locomotive. It was built to switch cars for American Rolling Mill (Armco) at low speed and was among the first diesels built with a “visibility cab” in an elevated location at one end of the engine, a feature later standard on diesel switchers.

COMPARE ME WITH: Cornwall Street Railway Light & Power 14, an electric locomotive built by Baldwin-Westinghouse just one year earlier. The electric locomotive has similar trucks, motors, and control to the diesel, but lacks the centrally-located diesel engine or “prime mover.”

Builder: Baldwin-Westinghouse
Year Built: 1930
Horsepower: 300
Length: 36ft 7in
Width: 10ft 2in
Height: 14ft 9in
Weight: 146200 lbs
Motors: 4 WH 582-FE-6
Trucks: Baldwin
Description: Diesel-Electric / Visibility Cab
Arrived: 2016
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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