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Railroad Passenger and Baggage Cars

Pullman 1906 Boston & Maine 1094
Pullman 1906
Boston & Maine 1094
Description:Wood coach-cafe car

Equipment Information

Boston & Maine 1094 is a wood-bodied café car designed for service on the B&M in New England. Its interior consists of three sections: a coach seating area, a small dining (or café) area with tables, and a kitchen. Cars like this saw use on intermediate-distance or lower-ridership trains where food service would be expected but a full-length dining car was not required. In later years car 1094 was converted into a “camp car” for railroad worker accommodation but has been largely restored to its original configuration at IRM.

Boston & Maine 1094 Details

Builder: Pullman
Year Built: 1906
Seats: 48
Length: 80ft 4in
Width: 10ft
Height: 15ft 1in
Weight: 133700 lbs
Brakes: P-2
Trucks: 6 Wheel Wood
Description: Cafe Car Wood
Arrived: 1997
Condition: Incomplete / restored / not operational

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What was the Boston & Maine Railroad?

The Boston & Maine, or B&M, was a regional “class one” railroad in northern New England. It was chartered in 1835 and by the early 1840s owned a main line between Boston, MA, and Portland, ME. Over time, through construction and acquisitions, it amassed a network of railroad lines throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and southern Maine. The B&M network extended as far west as Troy, NY, and as far south as Springfield, MA. For a time the railroad also controlled the Maine Central Railroad, which gave it connections to northern Maine and New Hampshire.

The B&M was known in the mid-20th century for famous passenger trains like the Green Mountain Flyer and the Flying Yankee, as well as for a robust commuter operation out of Boston. Although the railroad went bankrupt in 1970, it continued operating as an independent entity until purchased by a holding company in 1980. Over time the B&M name was dispensed with, and today the holding company operates under the name Pan Am Railways.