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Internal Combustion Locomotives

EMD 1954 Burlington Northern BN-2
EMD 1954
Burlington Northern BN-2
Description:Diesel-Electric F-9B (F38-2B)

Equipment Information

Burlington Northern BN2 is a modernized freight locomotive known as a “booster.” It was built as an F9B freight engine for the Northern Pacific Railroad and was designed to supplement, or boost, the power of a manned locomotive or “cab unit.” In 1990 it was rebuilt with modern equipment for the purpose of pulling the BN’s “executive train” of passenger cars.

Builder: Electro Motive Division GM
Year Built: 1954
Model: F-9B
Horsepower: 2000
Length: 52ft 4in
Width: 10ft 4in
Height: 14ft 9in
Weight: 228000 lbs
Brakes: 26L
Engine: 16-645CE
Motors: 4 EMD D77
Trucks: Blomberg M
Description: Diesel-Electric / Rebuilt to 38-2 specs (Ex MW 972574 / BN 809 / NP 7002C)
Arrived: 1997
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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