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Baldwin 1951 Columbus & Greenville 606
Baldwin 1951
Columbus & Greenville 606
Description:Diesel-Electric AS-416

Equipment Information

Columbus & Greenville 606 is a diesel freight locomotive designed as a “road switcher” for general freight train service. It is one of only two examples of AS-416 locomotives in preservation and a rare example of a diesel built by Baldwin, a renowned steam engine builder that built its last locomotive in 1956.

Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Year Built: 1950
Model: AS-416
Horsepower: 1500
Length: 58ft 6in
Width: 9ft 10in
Height: 14ft 6in
Weight: 252000 lbs
Brakes: 6DS
Engine: T-608A
Motors: 4 WH 370F
Trucks: Commonwealth A1A
Description: Diesel-Electric A1A Road Switcher
Arrived: 1989
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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