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CB&Q 1960 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 13572
CB&Q 1960
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 13572
Description:NE Steel Cupola Caboose

Equipment Information

Burlington 13572 is a standard railroad caboose (or “waycar” as the CB&Q called cabooses) designed for general freight service over the CB&Q system. It has a cupola on the roof, offset towards one end, to provide the conductor better visibility over his train.

Builder: Chicago Burlington & Quincy
Year Built: 1960
Length: 40ft 6in
Width: 9ft 8in
Height: 15ft 10in
Weight: 48900 lbs
Brakes: AB
Trucks: Barber/Bettendorf 89
Description: Steel Caboose / ex BN 10343
Arrived: 1991
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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