Freight Cars

PhotoNumber, Builder & Year Description
AC&F 1912 American Oil Company (AMOX) 9499American Oil Company (AMOX) 9499, AC&F 1912TM Tank Car 1 Dome
GSC 1931 Amtrak 15002Amtrak 15002, GSC 1931FM Flat Car
AC&F 1923 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 1400Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 1400, AC&F 1923NE Wood Cupola Caboose
AC&F 1910 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 44043Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 44043, AC&F 1910XM Wood Box Car BX-W
Pennsylvania 1929 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 60394Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 60394, Pennsylvania 1929SM Wood Stock Car
Gunderson 1965 Atlantic & Western 3762Atlantic & Western 3762, Gunderson 1965Steel Gondola
B&O 1922 Baltimore & Ohio 374065Baltimore & Ohio 374065, B&O 1922XM Wagon Top Box Car
Builder Unknown 1953 Belt Railway of Chicago 223Belt Railway of Chicago 223, Builder Unknown 1953NE Caboose
MDC 1935 Bordens Milk (BFIX) 520Bordens Milk (BFIX) 520, MDC 1935BMT Steel Milk Car
Pullman 1924 Chicago & Alton 39167Chicago & Alton 39167, Pullman 1924XA Wood Auto Car
AC&F 1927 Chicago & Illinois Midland 65Chicago & Illinois Midland 65, AC&F 1927NE Steel-Sheathed Cupola Caboose
AC&F 1928 Chicago & North Western 10304Chicago & North Western 10304, AC&F 1928NE Wood Bay Window Caboose
C&NW 1915 Chicago & North Western 10494Chicago & North Western 10494, C&NW 1915NE Wood Cupola Caboose
Greenville 1969 Chicago & North Western 110509Chicago & North Western 110509, Greenville 1969Steel Ballast Car
Builder Unknown Chicago & North Western 11813Chicago & North Western 11813, Builder UnknownDump Car
Pullman-Standard 1969 Chicago & North Western 161795Chicago & North Western 161795, Pullman-Standard 1969XM Steel Box Car
Pullman 1913 Chicago & North Western 55659Chicago & North Western 55659, Pullman 1913FM Flat Car
FMC 1966 Chicago & North Western 791126Chicago & North Western 791126, FMC 1966Steel Ballast Car
Builder Unknown 1949 Chicago & North Western X201775Chicago & North Western X201775, Builder Unknown 1949Ballast Car
Builder Unknown 1942 Chicago & North Western X261497Chicago & North Western X261497, Builder Unknown 1942Flat car
H&B 1913 Chicago & Western Indiana 1185Chicago & Western Indiana 1185, H&B 1913GD Wood Side Dump Gondola
CB&Q 1960 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 13572Chicago Burlington & Quincy 13572, CB&Q 1960NE Steel Cupola Caboose
CB&Q 1891 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 14073Chicago Burlington & Quincy 14073, CB&Q 1891NE1 Wood Cupola Caboose
CB&Q 1950 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 17598Chicago Burlington & Quincy 17598, CB&Q 1950XM Box Car
AC&F 1927 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 220100Chicago Burlington & Quincy 220100, AC&F 1927HK Hopper
AC&F 1927 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 220145Chicago Burlington & Quincy 220145, AC&F 1927HK Hopper
CFC 1948 Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5402Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5402, CFC 1948RB Box Car
CFC 1948 Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5419Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5419, CFC 1948RB Box Car
CFC 1948 Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5426Chicago Freight Car Leasing (CRDX) 5426, CFC 1948RB Box Car
Pullman-Standard 1957 Chicago Great Western 5643Chicago Great Western 5643, Pullman-Standard 1957XM Box Car PS-1
Pullman 1946 Chicago Great Western 601Chicago Great Western 601, Pullman 1946NE Steel Cupola Caboose
AC&F 1926 Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 1002Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 1002, AC&F 1926NE Wood Caboose
AC&F 1926 Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 1003Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 1003, AC&F 1926NE Wood Cupola Caboose
NACC 1927 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific (CRIX) 20519Chicago Rock Island & Pacific (CRIX) 20519, NACC 1927RS Insulated Box Car
CRI&P 1965 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 19135Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 19135, CRI&P 1965NE Transfer Caboose
Standard 1930 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 264070Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 264070, Standard 1930XM Wood Auto Box Car
CRI&P 1956 Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 93006Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 93006, CRI&P 1956FM Flat Car
WWS 1930 Chicago Sanitary District (CSDX) 39Chicago Sanitary District (CSDX) 39, WWS 1930Side Dump Car
AC&F 1917 Cook Paint & Varnish (CPVX) 101Cook Paint & Varnish (CPVX) 101, AC&F 1917TM Tank Car 2 Dome
GATX 1952 Department of Defense (DODX) 12661Department of Defense (DODX) 12661, GATX 1952TM Tank Car
Magor 1953 Department of Defense (DODX) 38488Department of Defense (DODX) 38488, Magor 1953FM Heavy Duty Flat Car
Pullman-Standard 1952 Department of Defense (USAX) 39153Department of Defense (USAX) 39153, Pullman-Standard 1952FM Heavy Duty Flat Car
GATX 1957 Department of Transportation (DOTX) 3Department of Transportation (DOTX) 3, GATX 1957BR Box Car
Pullman-Standard 1979 Department of Transportation (DOTX) 503Department of Transportation (DOTX) 503, Pullman-Standard 1979XM Steel Box Car PS-1
International Car 1956 Elgin Joliet & Eastern 529Elgin Joliet & Eastern 529, International Car 1956NE Steel Cupola Caboose
CFC? 1952 EVEX 4403EVEX 4403, CFC? 1952RB Box Car
CFC? 1952 EVEX 4410EVEX 4410, CFC? 1952RB Box Car
CFC? 1948 EVEX 4534EVEX 4534, CFC? 1948RB Box Car
CFC? 1948 EVEX 4584EVEX 4584, CFC? 1948RB Box Car
FGEX 1924 Fruit Growers Express (FGEX) 55407Fruit Growers Express (FGEX) 55407, FGEX 1924RS Wood Reefer
GATX 1947 General American Pfaudler (GPEX) 1021General American Pfaudler (GPEX) 1021, GATX 1947BMT Steel Milk Car
GATX 1941 General American Transportation (GATX) 33519General American Transportation (GATX) 33519, GATX 1941Wine Tank Car 6 Dome
GATX General American Transportation (GATX) 75470General American Transportation (GATX) 75470, GATXTM Tank Car
Grand Trunk 1893 Grand Trunk Western 77952Grand Trunk Western 77952, Grand Trunk 1893NE Wood Cupola Caboose
Pullman-Standard 1957 Great Northern 70104Great Northern 70104, Pullman-Standard 1957HT Hopper 3 Pocket
AC&F 1956 Great Northern X1390Great Northern X1390, AC&F 1956TM Tank Car
GATX Illinois Central 100641Illinois Central 100641, GATXBMT Steel Milk Car
Mt. Vernon 1929 Illinois Central 40285Illinois Central 40285, Mt. Vernon 1929XM Wood Box Car
Illinois Central 1940 Illinois Central 9792Illinois Central 9792, Illinois Central 1940NE Steel Cupola Caboose
International Car 1970 Illinois Central Gulf 199458Illinois Central Gulf 199458, International Car 1970NE Steel Cupola Caboose
St Louis 1953 Illinois Terminal 988Illinois Terminal 988, St Louis 1953NE Steel Bay Window Caboose
AC&F 1918 Indian Refining (IRCX) 1277Indian Refining (IRCX) 1277, AC&F 1918TM Tank Car
AC&F 1910 Kingan Refrigerator Line (KRLX) 943Kingan Refrigerator Line (KRLX) 943, AC&F 1910Wood Reefer
Milwaukee Road 1946 Milwaukee Road 01984Milwaukee Road 01984, Milwaukee Road 1946NE Steel Bay Window Caboose
Milwaukee Road 1940 Milwaukee Road 19331Milwaukee Road 19331, Milwaukee Road 1940XM Box Car
AC&F 1958 Milwaukee Road 97054Milwaukee Road 97054, AC&F 1958Airslide Covered Hopper
PC&F 1975 Milwaukee Road 992300Milwaukee Road 992300, PC&F 1975NE Caboose
No player photo found.Milwaukee Road X5001, Milwaukee Road 1929NE Caboose
Gunderson 1966 Minneapolis Northfield & Southern 909Minneapolis Northfield & Southern 909, Gunderson 1966XM Box Car
Thrall 1971 Minnesota Dakota & Western 3049Minnesota Dakota & Western 3049, Thrall 1971LU All Door Box Car
Builder Unknown New York Central 498136New York Central 498136, Builder UnknownFM Flat Car
PC&F 1921 Northern Pacific 49444Northern Pacific 49444, PC&F 1921XM Wood Box Car
Evans 1978 Northwestern Oklahoma (NOKL) 11039Northwestern Oklahoma (NOKL) 11039, Evans 1978LU All Door Box Car
PFE 1928 Pacific Fruit Express 68428Pacific Fruit Express 68428, PFE 1928RSB Wood Reefer
PRR 1906 Pennsylvania Railroad 476199Pennsylvania Railroad 476199, PRR 1906NM 4 Wheel Cupola Caboose
Pressed Steel 1913 Pennsylvania Railroad 499320Pennsylvania Railroad 499320, Pressed Steel 1913XM Wood Box Car X23
AC&F 1935 Shippers Car Line (SHPX) 42Shippers Car Line (SHPX) 42, AC&F 1935TM Tank Car 3 Dome
AC&F 1913 Soo Line 33096Soo Line 33096, AC&F 1913MW Wood Box Car
Pullman 1929 Soo Line 41146Soo Line 41146, Pullman 1929XM Wood Box Car
GATX 1954 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15030Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15030, GATX 1954RAM Steel Reefer
GATX 1956 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15802Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15802, GATX 1956RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1956 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15833Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 15833, GATX 1956RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25004Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25004, GATX 1954RPM Mechanical Reefer
GATX 1954 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25029Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25029, GATX 1954RPM Mechanical Reefer
GATX 1954 Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25041Swift Refrigerator Line (SRLX) 25041, GATX 1954RPM Mechanical Reefer
Thrall 1971 Thrall (TCAX) 20306Thrall (TCAX) 20306, Thrall 1971LU All Door Box Car
CB&Q 1955 Trailer Train (TTX) 470902Trailer Train (TTX) 470902, CB&Q 1955FC Intermodal Flat Car
Union Pacific 1906 Union Pacific 100000Union Pacific 100000, Union Pacific 1906XM Steel Box Car
Bethlehem Steel 1973 Union Pacific 37022Union Pacific 37022, Bethlehem Steel 1973100 Ton Coal Hopper
Mt Vernon 1942 Union Pacific 3786Union Pacific 3786, Mt Vernon 1942NE Steel Cupola Caboose
UP 1939 Union Pacific 907149Union Pacific 907149, UP 1939XM Express Box Car
GATX 1931 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 2034Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 2034, GATX 1931RS Wood Reefer
GATX 1931 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 26640Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 26640, GATX 1931RB Insulated Box Car
GATX 1948 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37109Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37109, GATX 1948RS Steel Reefer
GATX 1948 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37190Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37190, GATX 1948RS Steel Reefer
GATX 1948 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37241Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37241, GATX 1948RS Steel Reefer
GATX 1948 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37312Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 37312, GATX 1948RS Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66216Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66216, GATX 1954RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66221Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66221, GATX 1954RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66234Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66234, GATX 1954RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66244Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 66244, GATX 1954RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1954 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 68229Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 68229, GATX 1954RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1950 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 75524Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 75524, GATX 1950RSM Steel Reefer
GATX 1931 Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 77307Union Refrigerator Transit (URTX) 77307, GATX 1931RB Wood Reefer
AC&F 1937 Union Tank Line (UTLX) 17222Union Tank Line (UTLX) 17222, AC&F 1937TM Steel Tank
AC&F 1914 Wisconsin Central 131650Wisconsin Central 131650, AC&F 1914XM Wood Box Car
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