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Freight Cars

GATX 1947 General American Pfaudler (GPEX) 1021
GATX 1947
General American Pfaudler (GPEX) 1021
Description:BMT Steel Milk Car

Equipment Information

GPEX 1021 is a milk car, designed for hauling 8,000 gallons of fresh milk inside of large stainless-steel tanks. It is fitted with special trucks for express service and is one of the largest bulk milk cars ever built.

Builder: General American Transportation
Year Built: 1947
Length: 51ft 5in
Width: 9ft 11in
Height: 13ft 2in
Weight: 74900 lbs
Brakes: U-12
Trucks: Barber
Description: Steel Milk Car
Arrived: 1971
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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