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GATX 1957 Department of Transportation (DOTX) 3
GATX 1957
Department of Transportation (DOTX) 3
Description:BR Box Car

Equipment Information

DOTX 3 is an all-steel refrigerated express boxcar, or “reefer,” built to transport food products that required refrigeration. It is an ice reefer, with insulated sides and “bunkers” at each end where blocks of ice were loaded to keep the car’s interior and contents cool. It was built for the Railway Express Agency and later rebuilt for utility use with the Urban Rapid Transit Program in the 1970s.

Builder: General American Transportation
Year Built: 1957
Length: 53ft 11in
Width: 10ft 3in
Height: 13ft 4in
Weight: 79000 lbs
Brakes: D-22
Trucks: Commonwealth Steel Company BX
Description: REX Express Reefer
Arrived: 1990
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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