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PRR 1906 Pennsylvania Railroad 476199
PRR 1906
Pennsylvania Railroad 476199
Description:NM 4 Wheel Cupola Caboose

Equipment Information

Pennsylvania Railroad 476199 is a rare example of a four-wheel caboose known as a “bobber.” Small cabooses like this were uncommon after about 1930 but this ND-class caboose (or “cabin car” as the PRR called cabooses) remained in service into the 1950s. It has a centered cupola on the roof to provide the conductor better visibility over his train.

Builder: Pennsylvania Railroad
Year Built: 1906
Length: 28ft 4in
Width: 9ft 3in
Height: 13ft 5in
Weight: 28000 lbs
Brakes: KC
Trucks: Pedestal
Arrived: 1987
Description: 4 Wheel Wood Cupola Caboose, Class ND
Condition: Complete / restored / not operational

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