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Pullman-Standard 1979 Department of Transportation (DOTX) 503
Pullman-Standard 1979
Department of Transportation (DOTX) 503
Description:XM Steel Box Car PS-1

Equipment Information

DOTX 503 is the 1,000,000th boxcar built by Pullman-Standard and its predecessor companies. When new it received an elaborate paint scheme from Pullman celebrating the milestone. It is a development of the PS-1 all-steel boxcar and features “waffle” sides for added strength.

COMPARE ME WITH: CGW 5643, an early and typical example of the PS-1 boxcar built 22 years earlier. Though built for the same purpose, car 503 is 10’ longer and has 50% higher capacity than the older CGW boxcar.

Builder: Pullman/Pullman-Standard
Year Built: 1979
Length: 55ft 6in
Width: 10ft 1in
Height: 15ft 4in
Weight: 64750 lbs
Brakes: ABDW
Trucks: Barber S-2
Description: Steel Box Car PS-1 (ex PLCX 31)
Arrived: 1991
Condition: Complete / unrestored / not operational

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