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Union Pacific 1906 Union Pacific 100000
Union Pacific 1906
Union Pacific 100000
Description:XM Steel Box Car

Equipment Information

UP 100000 is perhaps the most unique freight car preserved at IRM. It is the only preserved McKeen boxcar, built as a prototype for an all-steel boxcar at a time when virtually all freight cars were built of wood. It features exposed steel bracing, a design that would not become popular until around World War I. It is the oldest boxcar preserved at IRM and is thought to be the oldest all-steel boxcar preserved anywhere.

Builder: Union Pacific (McKeen design)
Year Built: 1906
Length: 43ft 5in
Width: 10ft
Height: 13ft 7in
Weight: 38700 lbs
Brakes: KC
Trucks: Andrews
Description: Outside Braced Steel Box Car
Arrived: 1997
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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UP 100000 Ownership History

1906-c1908 – Union Pacific #72850
c1908-???? – Union Pacific #100000
1997-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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