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UP 1939 Union Pacific 907149
UP 1939
Union Pacific 907149
Description:XM Express Box Car

Equipment Information

UP 907149 is an all-steel express boxcar designed for shipment of time-sensitive and high-priority freight over the UP system. It is fitted with special trucks for high-speed operation with passenger trains or express freight trains. In 1969 it was put into work service.

Builder: Union Pacific
Year Built: 1939
Length: 40ft 8in
Width: 9ft 9in
Height: 13ft 1in
Weight: 57200 lbs
Brakes: AB
Trucks: Sym Gould Hi-Speed
Arrived: 2000
Description: Hi-Speed Express Box Car / Class B50-25 (Ex 9195)

Photo gallery

Ownership History
1939-1967 – Union Pacific #9195
1967-1969 – Union Pacific #24195
1969-1972 – Union Pacific #903007
1972-2000 – Union Pacific #907149
2000-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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