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AC&F 1914 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 1923
AC&F 1914
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 1923

Equipment Information

Burlington 1923 is an all-steel heavyweight baggage/RPO (Railway Post Office) car. Much of the car is taken up by its mail compartment, where Post Office Department workers could sort mail while the train was en route. It is fitted with equipment for dropping off and picking up bags of mail “on the fly” without the train having to stop.

Builder: American Car & Foundry Company
Year Built: 1914
Length: 74ft 3in
Width: 10ft 1in
Height: 14ft 1in
Weight: 139200 lbs
Brakes: L-3
Trucks: 5G 6 Wheel
Description: Steel RPO/Baggage
Arrived: 1969
Condition: Complete / restored / operational

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