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Internal Combustion Locomotives

EMD 1953 Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9976
EMD 1953
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9976
Description:Diesel-Electric E-9A

Equipment Information

Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9976 is a diesel passenger locomotive known as a “cab unit.” It was built to haul long-distance passenger trains like the Denver Zephyr and was later rebuilt as BN 9908 to pull commuter trains between Chicago and Aurora.

Builder: Electro Motive Division GM
Year Built: 1953
Model: E-9AM
Horsepower: 2400
Length: 70ft 3in
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 14ft
Weight: 340000 lbs
Brakes: PS-68
Engine: Two 12-645CE
Motors: 4 EMD
Trucks: Blomberg A1A
Description: Diesel-Electric (MARC 92 / ex MARC 68 / ex BN 9908 / ex BN 9976 / nee CB&Q 9976)
Arrived: 2005
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / operational

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