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Railroad Passenger and Baggage Cars

Pressed Steel 1931 Chicago Great Western 4061
Pressed Steel 1931
Chicago Great Western 4061

Equipment Information

Great Western 4061 is an all-steel combine, or combination passenger-baggage car. It was used for local service on the CGW system in Illinois and Iowa. Cars like this were common on railroads, particularly on more lightly used lines where a full baggage car was unnecessary to carry express freight and passengers’ luggage.

Builder: Pressed Steel
Year Built: 1931
Seats: ??
Length: 76ft 6in
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 14ft 8in
Weight: ??? lbs
Brakes: UC
Trucks: General Steel Casting 6 Wheel
Description: Combine (Ex 285)
Arrived: ????
Condition: Incomplete / cosmetically restored / not operational

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