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Greenville 1946 Chicago & North Western X201775
Greenville 1946
Chicago & North Western X201775
Description:Ballast Car

Equipment Information

Chicago & North Western X201775 is an all-steel ballast car built for hauling rock ballast and other aggregate. Very similar to a standard hopper car, ballast cars were designed with doors in the bottom set to dump the car’s contents to the side of the tracks. This car was originally built for the Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad as DT&I 10861.

Builder: Greenville Steel Car
Year built: 1946
Length: 37ft 6in
Width: 10ft 3in
Height: 12ft 5in
Weight: 50400
Brakes: AB
Trucks: ASF RC
Description: Steel Ballast Hopper / ex-DT&I 10861
Arrived: 2007
Condition: Complete / unrestored / operational

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