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Pullman 1906 Chicago Rapid Transit 2872
Pullman 1906
Chicago Rapid Transit 2872
Description:Deck-roof wood elevated

Equipment Information

Chicago Rapid Transit 2872 is a wood-bodied ‘L’ car built for the Metropolitan-West Side Elevated, a predecessor to CRT. It is one of only two cars from the “Met” preserved and is an example of the most modern cars that the MWSE operated.

FUN FACT: This car would have carried fans to the first two World Series championship games of the Chicago Cubs, in 1907 and 1908, when it was brand new. At the time, Wrigley Field hadn’t yet been built and the Cubs played at West Side Park, just a block west of the Polk stop on the Douglas Park line of the Metropolitan-West Side Elevated.

Builder: Pullman/Pullman-Standard
Year Built: 1906
Seats: 47
Length: 47ft 8in
Width: 8ft 7in
Height: 12ft 8in
Weight: 69500 lbs
Brakes: AMR
Motors: 2 WH 114
Control: AB-WH11
Compressor: D3-EG
Trucks: MCB
Description: Double End / Double Truck / Deck Roof / Wood
Arrived: 1981
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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Ownership History
1906-1913 – Metropolitan-West Side Elevated #872
1913-1924 – Chicago Elevated Railway
1924-1947 – Chicago Rapid Transit
1947-1981 – Chicago Transit Authority
1981-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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