SCCR 1907 Chicago Surface Lines 2846
SCCR 1907
Chicago Surface Lines 2846
Description:Double-end railroad-roof suburban car

Equipment Information

Chicago Surface Lines 2846 is the only car of its type in existence. It was one of eleven cars known as “Interstates” because for many years they operated in through service between 63rd Street in Chicago and East Chicago, Indiana over the tracks of the Hammond Whiting & East Chicago Railway. These cars were the only streetcars in Chicago that had railroad roofs. The CSL rebuilt car 2846 into a salt spreader during WWII. The car is largely intact but lacks its original trucks.

Chicago Surface Lines 2846 Details

Builder: South Chicago City Railway
Year Built: 1907
Seats: 44
Length: 43ft 4in
Width: 8ft 8in
Height: 12ft 3in
Weight: 50750 lbs
Brakes: Straight Air
Motors: 4 GE 80A
Control: K28
Compressor: A4
Trucks: Taylor
Description: Double End / Double Truck / Railroad Roof / Wood
Arrived: 1973
Condition: Incomplete / unrestored / not operational

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CSL 2846 Ownership History

1907-1908 – South Chicago City Railway #332
1908-1914 – Calumet & South Chicago #831
1914-1947 – Chicago Surface Lines #2846
1947-1958 – Chicago Transit Authority #AA98
1958-1973 – Electric Railway Historical Society, Downers Grove, IL
1973-present – Illinois Railway Museum, Union, IL

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