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Pullman 1929 Great Northern
Pullman 1929
Great Northern 'John McLoughlin'
Description:8 Sec 1 DrRm 2 Cpt Sleeper

Equipment Information

GN Pullman car “John McLoughlin” is an all-steel heavyweight sleeping car. It is designed for long-distance accommodation and features a mixture of private rooms and open seating, known as a section, that was convertible into bunks separated by heavy curtains for nighttime accommodation.

FUN FACT: The John McLoughlin this car is named after was born in 1784 and worked for the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Vancouver in the 1820s and 1830s. In the 1840s his general store became the last stop on the Oregon Trail and his support for American settlement of the region led to him being nicknamed the “Father of Oregon.”

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Builder: Pullman/Pullman-Standard
Year Built: 1929
Seats: 23
Length: 84ft
Width: 10ft
Height: 14ft
Weight: 168700 lbs
Brakes: UC
Trucks: Pullman 2411
Description: 8 section, 1 drawing room, 2 compartment sleeping car
Arrived: 1998
Condition: Complete / undergoing restoration / not operational

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